Ann Bingham

I have been practicing yoga for 18 years. I have taught yoga for the last 8 years. I received my RYT200 Yoga Teacher Certification through West East Yoga and still assist with new teacher training and continuing education with this wonderful program. I teach many styles of yoga, including: Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Iyengar, adaptive chair yoga, and yoga for children. I specialize in classes for those with chronic conditions, including injury recovery, chronic pain, and stress and anxiety.  I enjoy making personal connections with my students and helping them to find peace, flexibility, and strength. In my downtime, I enjoy reading, spending time with my husband and our 2 grown kids, and finding new restaurants with friends.


Malissa McLaurin

Malissa says that she found herself when she found Buti.  She became a certified Buti teacher to help others find a deep connection with their bodies and find joy and power in their movement.  She enjoys creating dynamic classes that allow for creative expression and an increased sense of connection to the self.

Isaiah Bey

Isaiah believes strongly that to find wellness, you need to tap into your inner joy.  He specializes in jump rope fitness to create an entire body workout that is entirely unique, fun, and perfect for everyone.  He'll motivate you and have you smiling through your entire workout!

Carolyn Marie

Carolyn has been practicing yoga for the last 7 years.  She came to yoga after a major life change and a desire to reconnect with herself and focus on self care. She found that on the mat.  She is married and has two great kids.  She loves being outside, reading, going to the movies, and traveling.

Tonya Harris

In 2010 Tonya began her journey into the amazing world of yoga as a newbie at the YMCA in Florissant. Here is where she developed a passion for the practice of yoga. Since then she has taken various classes through out St. Louis and Chicago area. Tonya began to appreciate the healthy benefits both physical and mental involved with yoga. Then in 2016 while taking classes at Pure Yoga Tonya was inspired to take her passion even further and turn it into a career. A career that would help her educate others on how to care for themselves as a whole (mind, body, and soul).  So in July 2016 Tonya signed up for Yoga Buzz's 200 hour yoga teacher training. Here is where Tonya learned about the history of yoga, the different styles, the logistics behind yoga, and found her own voice and style. Tonya's style of teaching is very laid back and  comfortable to create a space that is welcoming and peaceful for the majority of her clients. Sometimes everyday life gets the best of us so a little bit of peace can go a long way.


John Zarbock

After 16 years in the Army and having trained hundreds of soldiers, I have fallen in love with the process of setting goals and working hard to achieve them.  My favorite thing about health and fitness is the way it makes me feel.  Not just on the inside from a great workout, but the joy it brings me to set and crush goals and seeing others achieve theirs.


King Ausar

King Ausar is "Tha Premiere Zumba Fitness Instructor in the N. Hemisphere"! He has been spreading His wonderful program of Music, Movement and Meditation. He incorporates choreography that enhances: Endurance/Strength,Cardio Vascular work, Stamina, dexterity, agility,balance,grace and a strong emphasis on Creative Expression. All of this in a socially uplifting environment! "Tha King" has been fortunate to have been Instructing since 2012 and has performed at well over 3,500 classes, demos and events.

Results driven. Professional. An advocate for a Healthier and Happier Community are the main focal points that drive Tha King to touch as many people as he  possibly can through the celebration of song and dance. If you are ready to lose pounds and inches as well as exercising not only the physical, but also the left and right sides of the brain to promote better intelligence.


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