Buti Yoga

Buti Yoga brings a variety of dynamic movements together, including vinyasa-style yoga, tribal-inspired dancing and plyometric exercises.  These energetic classes are paired will get your heart rate going, get you smiling, and get you connected to your body like nothing else.  Buti classes are open to those of all fitness levels.

Sunrise Yoga

Let’s attack our hump day with an invigorating vinyasa style class. This class incorporates ongoing movement linked with breathing techniques to build strength, flexibility, and mental clarity. At the end of this class, you’ll feel ready to take on the world! This class is appropriate for new students as well as seasoned yogis.

Jumprope Bootcamp

Do you have too much on your plate?  This is the perfect time to take a break and breathe with us. Each Mind in Motion session gets you up and moving to re-energize you for the rest of your day. This session focuses on tuning into our body to relax stress responses so that we can think more clearly and feel better in the process.

No workout clothes are needed for these sessions. Come as you are!


Rebel Iyengar Yoga

What better way to start your Friday than with this is a fun, non-traditional yoga class incorporating wheels, blocks, and straps to help participants explore a whole new level of strength and flexibility. Using established yoga poses and vinyasa techniques, we integrate props into our practice to allow you to make the most of your personal practice. This class is perfect for new students, or for those wishing to add to their existing practice.


Zumba Class

We take the "work" out of workout, by mixing low-intensity and high-intensity moves for an interval-style, calorie-burning dance fitness party. Once the Latin and World rhythms take over, you'll see why Zumba® Fitness classes are often called exercise in disguise. Zumba® is a total workout, combining all elements of fitness – cardio, muscle conditioning, balance and flexibility, boosted energy and a serious dose of awesome each time you leave class.


Interval Strength Training Class

The class is a rigorous interval training sequence with high-intensity exercises. It builds cardiovascular fitness while improving muscular strength and endurance.Although this is an all levels class, you will be challenged to push your individual limits and will walk out feeling like a strong warrior.

Candlelight Restorative Yoga

Join us for this unique and exceptionally relaxing yoga class. Yin yoga is a slow moving, restorative class. The class consists of holding passive poses, working hips, legs, pelvis, and lower spine—areas rich in deep connective tissues. By holding poses longer, we are allow for deeper relaxation into muscles, ligaments, and tendons. Deep stretching, combined with intentional meditation complete this deeply restful practice.

Back to Health Yoga

 Feel refreshed and energized. Hatha yoga combines mindfulness, breathing, and physical movements to release muscle tension and mental stress. Relieving this tension leaves the mind and body feeling invigorated and improves circulation, relives pain and stiffness, and leads to overall better health. This class is particularly beneficial to those new to yoga, as well as those with back and hip pain, and those with chronic health issues.

Traditional Yoga

Yoga combines breath and movement to build strength, flexibility, and mindfulness. This class is appropriate for all levels and creates a warm, community feel for participants. The instructor chooses both poses and music to meet the needs of those present each class, creating a unique and dynamic class. The instructor employs a variety of yoga approaches, including hatha, vinyasa, and iyengar based on the specific needs of those present. This allows everyone to participate, regardless of previous yoga experience. At the end of class, you'll feel refreshed, relaxed, and stronger than when you started.

Yoga Sculpt

This class adds the element of hand weights, resistance bands, and dedicated core work to traditional yoga poses to build strength and stamina while sculpting the entire body. The result is a fun and challenging class that meets the needs of participants at all levels!

Yoga for Stress and Anxiety

This class is designed to reduce the tension, stress, and anxiety of every day life. We use breathing techniques that specifically target stress responses, and help to stimulate our relaxation centers. We target areas of the body that hold tension, such as the neck, back, shoulders and hips. This practice combines relaxing poses and specific breathing techniques designed to alleviate the symptoms of stress and anxiety. This class is open to both beginner students as well as those more experienced with yoga.

Rookie Yoga

If you've ever said these words "I've always wanted to try yoga but..." or "I wish I were more flexible but..." this is the class for you. Rookie Yoga is specifically designed to help you dip your toes gently into yoga. We'll delve into basic poses and work on adapting those for your specific needs. We'll talk about strategies to reduce stress, and improve strength and flexibility. This is a lighthearted, community minded class aimed to help those new to yoga build their own practice at their own level.


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